We provide a space where employers can have confidence in the people they hire.

We provide workers with ways to get their skills noticed and find meaningful work.

That's OnDeck Pro.

Meet the Founders

Dan Hassell Daniel Hassell CEO, Serial Entrepeneur

Daniel specialises in supervising all creative business development through marketing and relations for OnDeck Pro. After establishing a transport and logistics company from the ground-up, he has experienced first-hand the challenges that providing growth, stability, and sustainability to a business entails.

Kevin Maze Kevin Maze Lead Developer, Software

Kevin leads OnDeck Pro's software engineering team. With experience working with startups and clients ranging from legal professionals to online marketplaces, he has spearheaded technological solutions to their unique sets of problems for over seven years.

Tim Ellefson Tim Ellefson Front-End Developer, Designer

Tim's focus is on UI/UX for OnDeck Pro. He creates style guides, maintains the Android and iOS app, and engineers front-end solutions. He has a background in customer service, API technical support, and has over 5 years of experience in the software engineering industry.

What is the goal of our platform?

To save time and money when hiring skilled laborers, of course!

OnDeck Pro was ultimately conceived as a solution to a multitude of problems found in the blue collar job sector. It is exceptionally challenging to find and retain employees who were skilled enough to do specialized jobs that require licensing, worked well with an already established team, and ultimately found their work fulfilling and their compensation adequate.

Finding skilled workers in a timely manner is extremely challenging as it is. Even after offering better pay, benefits, or the potential for quick advancement, simply finding someone who was willing to do the job was an issue. We want to change that by providing better visibility in the hiring process to save both businesses and workers time and money.

How do we aim to solve the problem of visibility in the blue-collar sector?

By providing relevant information about workers and businesses up-front.

We want to solve this issue by leveraging technology to make it easier for people to connect and find shared value in the work they need to get done. By providing a platform where employers can find people who fit the job at hand, and workers with a way to find the companies that they would like to work for, it's simple; both sides need a way to be seen and heard, and we aim to do just that.

How is this different from other job services or temp agencies?

We want the work you do to be mutually beneficial for the smallest placement cost to the business as possible.

Many times, workers will be referred through temp agencies, and while they would generally provide what you need, it was hard to find the right fit for a multitude of reasons ranging from culture fit and expectations about expertise to location and compensation expectations. We aim to let businesses and workers communicate and make sound judgments before either of them invest large amounts of time and money.

How is this going to save my business time and money?

By helping you make better decisions and save big on placements.

Worker placement from temp agencies can cost upwards of $10,000 AUD for a single position. This is a large investment in simply placing a worker you needed a week ago, or a problem if you need a specialist to do it right the first time. How is it that one of the only ways to consistently acquire licensed and reliable talent costs so much, takes so grudgingly long, and the information and leads they present you with go bust just as often as traditional hiring methods?

We at OnDeck Pro think that this is not the way to find talent to grow your business. Instead of rolling dice and wasting valuable company resources, you can instead be provided with relevant worker details up-front, can view licensing and reviews from previous gigs, and get a sense of who you are looking to interview, and eventually hire, by perusing their OnDeck Pro profile and setting up a chat with them. With video introductions, you can get a sense of who someone is and what they are passionate about before you make contact.

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