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Explore ways to find talent quickly

Looking for ways to speed up your hiring process while maintining quality in your workforce? Look no further! OnDeck Pro is here to aid you every step of the way.

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Quickly review potential employees to find the perfect fit

No more having to dig through lisencing websites! Save your business time and money by having relevant worker details provided up-front.

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Efficiently organize applicants to help make the right decision

Easily rank applicants, view important details, and instantly apporove your new hires. You can finally ditch that stack of resumes!

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Know the status of your hires and candidates in one place

Easily discern who is ready to start work and what positions you still need to fill or approve. Hiring multiple people for a new project has never been simpler!

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Post jobs quickly and easily with the OnDeck platform for web and mobile

Provide your candidates with relevant information up-front. Don't leave them guessing - show them why they should come work with you

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Express your business identity and goals with high-quality video

Attract quality employees by expressing your mission through the medium of video, or give them an opportunity to see what type of job they will be working on

Features for Employees

Explore ways to find meaningful work

OnDeck Pro aims to help place people in positions that they enjoy. See how we can help you find your dream job, grow your personal brand, and provide you with ways to connect with clients.

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Quickly search and filter jobs to find the best possible opportunity

Using our advanced search tools, find something that fits your compensation expectations quickly and easily. Don't want to travel far? Automatically search within a specified distance.

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Keep track of your schedule easily - even when you have multiple gigs

More of a freelancer? Easily keep track of which jobs you are working in one place. With utilities to easly locate the job site, get in contact with your client, or check job details, it's never been simpler to get the work done.

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Show clients who you are and what you do with HD video

Make a good impression before even applying for your next job! With video, you have the opportunity to talk about your accomplishments, express some personality, or bolster your personal brand.

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